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Do You Have What It Takes, Boss?

A BOSS ain't no regular joe (little j intended). A BOSS is much more than your average individual. Anyone can be a BOSS, and chances are you fit the bill.

A true BOSS, in our book, is a person who stands up with COURAGE for what they believe in. Someone who is PROUD of who they are and their heritage. And one who strives to WIN BIG but not at the expense of others (because we're all in this together).

It's no secret that we stand up for our country, patriots, and the military. We also stand for each other, everyday BOSSES who know the only joe that matters is what we put in our cups.

About Boss Beard

Boss Beard was established in 2015 with the goal of providing only the best quality ingredients into a stylish brand for men of all walks.

Boss Beard is more than a beard care business - we want to promote the idea that each one of us capable of being who we strive to be. We are our own "BOSS" and our self care reflects outwardly the amazing qualities we maintain within.

BOSS Beard Team


CEO & Product Specialist

Pride runs in everything I do. Being the wife of a disabled Army / Air Force Veteran, I have learned that there is never anything better than your best. My best is what I put into Boss Beard. Our products are created in the USA right here in Maud, Texas all made in small batches to preserve quality. Most of the ingredients we use to make our magical beard growing creations are considered vegan, with the exception of beeswax. We only purchase ingredients from suppliers that never test on animals or are a part of destroying their habitats.


COO / Marketing & Design Specialist

I am someone who sees potential in ideas and people. I started BOSS Beard because of the potential I saw, but I'll be honest - I knew nothing about business in the beginning! Thus begins my journey into the realm of internet business. Since 2015 I've slowly but surely gained a proficiency in online design, copywriting, graphic design, marketing, and advertising. I'm the guy behind the various systems of Boss Beard. I believe wholeheartedly in the value of our products and strive to make your experience equally as valuable.

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